May 30, 2018  adrianna No comments Birthday Project

Can you believe it? Brynn is turning FIFTEEN is a little more than a month?! Yeah, me either.. But, to help make Brynn’s birthday a little more special, BRN is hosting a birthday project! If you want to submit something else that is not listed below: please send me an email, send me a tweet, or message me on Instagram!



  • Take a photo of yourself holding a sign wishing Brynn a happy birthday.
  • Create a graphic/photo edit.
  • Record a video of yourself wishing Brynn a happy birthday.
  • Create a video edit for Brynn.
  • Write a message wishing Brynn a happy birthday.
  • Take a picture (if not digital) of a drawing of Brynn




  • All videos can be up to 30-45 seconds.
  • All entries must be appropriate.
  • Fan videos, drawings, and graphics must be made entirely by you.
  • Drawings must be birthday themed
  • There is no current limit to how many entries you can submit.
  • All entries are due by Thursday, June 28th.



How to enter:

  • Name:
  • Fan account (if you have):
  • Message:
  • OR
  • link to your entry / email me your entry


May 28, 2018  adrianna No comments Gallery Update

A few weeks ago, Brynn shot with her friend Jaycee for Chelsea B’s new line! The photos she has released of the leos have been added to the site! Click on one of the photos to be redirected to the gallery!


May 26, 2018  adrianna No comments Brynn, Other, Updates

Exciting news! Brynn’s new sweatshirt and shirt line got released yesterday! You can get yours here! Ordering will last for two weeks, and shipping starts June 15th! Get yours today!!

May 25, 2018  adrianna No comments Website

Hello! Just wanted to make an announcement that Brynn Rumfallo Network will now be found at BRYNN-RUMFALLO.ORG

May 21, 2018  adrianna No comments Gallery Update

Brynn’s new shoot with Shawn Michael (S9Arizona/Instagram) has released one picture! It is stunning and shows a preview of Brynn’s said to be new clothing and jewelry line. Click the photo below to be directed to the gallery!

May 06, 2018  adrianna No comments Updates

Exciting news!! Brynn will be coming out with merch! The release is unknown, but for more info read her Tweet!


April 28, 2018  adrianna No comments Website

If you didn’t know, I have a fan section for all Brynn fans! If you have anything you’d like to donate, please send me it to! Some examples of things I’ll accept would be: icons, fanart, twitter headers, etc. If you don’t know, email me and ask!

April 27, 2018  adrianna No comments Gallery Update

Ahhh!! Brynn has recently done a photoshoot for Chelsea B’s (formerly Pearl Yukiko) dancewear line!! Super obsessed!! Check images in our gallery!

April 20, 2018  adrianna No comments Website

Ah! Brynn Rumfallo Network’s new theme is here!! Big thanks to my friend, Deya, who created it!! You are wonderful!!

March 27, 2018  adrianna No comments Dance, Other

Dance Spirit Magazine posted an article about the short film Brynn was featured in! If you haven’t already, please go watch We Are The Future on YouTube! Also read the article about it: here!

Big congratulations to all who participated in this project, it is something so beautiful!

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