meet me!

Hi, I am Adrianna, admin of Brynn Rumfallo Network. I am 13 years old, and one of my hobbies is running and creating fansites. Other than fansites, I like to edit. I’ve been editing since 2013, and haven’t stopped since. I learned how to create videos in 2015, and have been doing that since I found out about it.

One of my passions is photography, and I am hopeful of being able to purchase a camera one day. I like photography because I don’t remember things that well, and pictures allow us to hold a moment forever. I take photos of my friends, nature, and just random things.

If you know me, you know that I truly adore Park Jimin. He is truly something special. I’m a big fan of him, and of Lee Felix, Seo Changbin, Dong Si Cheng, Kang Seulgi, and the groups they are from. They all work so hard, and inspire me to work toward my own goals.