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A few weeks ago, Brynn filmed a few episodes with Universal Studios and Brat for Universal’s new movie Happy Death Day 2 U! Unfortunately, I can not find the official links to the project. Episodes will be released weekly!

Here’s a clip from Brynn’s Instagram:

November 10, 2018  adrianna No comments Gallery Update

Brynn got her braces off a few days ago, and while in LA she got new headshots! Click on either photo below to be directed to the gallery!

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Brynn has been in LA for the past week working on a Brat’s Boss Cheer! Brynn’s close friend, Sarah Reasons, is also on the show. Not sure when her episode(s) will be released, so be sure to check back in to see!

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Brynn came out with her new merch based off of the quotes “Real girls aren’t perfect. Perfect girls aren’t real.” today! You can purchase her merch in many different styles, and will be sold for two weeks! The link to buy is BrynnRumfallo.com, visit her site and purchase whatever style you like!

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Brynn now has an official website! She is still building it, but the link is BrynnRumfallo.com! She will have her merch on it as well!

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Brynn posted a new YouTube video! Watch it below!

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I finally have a computer to update the site!! I added photos from Brynn’s LA shoot with Jacinta, most of the photos were too big to add though. I’ll try getting them up soon. Also added some of the photos I missed from her various shoots with Shawn!!

Again, I’m sorry for the slow updates. My computer breaking was not planned, and then I missed out on a ton of content!




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Brynn just dropped this gorgeous picture from her recent family shoot! It is so gorgeous! In gallery now!

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Can you believe it? Brynn is turning FIFTEEN is a little more than a month?! Yeah, me either.. But, to help make Brynn’s birthday a little more special, BRN is hosting a birthday project! If you want to submit something else that is not listed below: please send me an email, send me a tweet, or message me on Instagram!



  • Take a photo of yourself holding a sign wishing Brynn a happy birthday.
  • Create a graphic/photo edit.
  • Record a video of yourself wishing Brynn a happy birthday.
  • Create a video edit for Brynn.
  • Write a message wishing Brynn a happy birthday.
  • Take a picture (if not digital) of a drawing of Brynn




  • All videos can be up to 30-45 seconds.
  • All entries must be appropriate.
  • Fan videos, drawings, and graphics must be made entirely by you.
  • Drawings must be birthday themed
  • There is no current limit to how many entries you can submit.
  • All entries are due by Thursday, June 28th.



How to enter:

  • Name:
  • Fan account (if you have):
  • Message:
  • OR
  • link to your entry / email me your entry


May 28, 2018  adrianna No comments Gallery Update

A few weeks ago, Brynn shot with her friend Jaycee for Chelsea B’s new line! The photos she has released of the leos have been added to the site! Click on one of the photos to be redirected to the gallery!


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