Making websites and fansites isn’t easy at first, that is why I would like to thank all these wonderful people!



One of people who inspired me to make fansites. Laura has been such a big help and part of this site, without her, this site wouldn’t be here today! Laura has been so incredibly kind during the whole experience of creating this site, whether that’d be talking about life or giving me tips and tricks on sites! You all should go check out her fabulous site for actress, Willow Shields!



The other half of people who inspired me to make fansites! I have always been a fan of Mackenzie Foy, and when I decided to make an account I googled “Mackenzie Foy Gallery” and she popped up! I fell in love with her site and that’s when I realized I wanted to make one! Katie was always so nice to me on my Mackenzie page, always being kind while answering my questions. Also, she gave me her Mackenzie Ziegler site, which was beyond nice! Everyone should visit her site for actress and model, Mackenzie Foy!



Thank you so much for being the bestest best friend ever! Your continuous support for me and this site has played such a big part in the creation of this site. All your love and compliments for this site has made this experience so much better, because it’s amazing people appreciate this site!


Thank you all for making this site a success! Every single person who has visited this site and gave the site love deserves a huge THANK YOU! Thank you all for making this a success and I hope you all continue loving the site!